Young-Sun Song was born in Seoul, South Korea and currently resides in New York, United States. She enjoys jewelry as a intimate art in that it physically connects wearer and object. Only after the two work together is a piece of jewelry fully realized. Young-Sun favors organic over geometric forms and arch-like curves are prevalent in her aesthetic. Her work is the result of constant renovation and reinvention as new concepts and skills are acquired. Young-Sun enjoys the endless discoveries in jewelry and plans to never stop experimenting and broadening her boundaries.

Her work has been shown numerous times at Pratt Institute. She was selected to exhibit twice in the Fine Arts office in 2011, The Pratt Institute Jewelry Exhibition in April 2013, The Pratt Institute Jewelry Showcase in September 2013, as well as the Dog and Pony Pop-Up Show in December 2013. Her B.F.A thesis was shown at the Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery at Pratt Institute in April 2014. It will also be part of the 2014 SNAG Conference “From Grains to Gold” “Alchemy in the Digital Age” student slideshow