artist statement

The jewelry I make is physically molded to my body and emotionally molded to my past. Jewelry connects to the wearer, the consumer very literally. This unique intimacy is what drew me to the art. Being both an artist and jeweler, my goal is to capture the essence of my day-to-day inspirations. 

My jewelry began as a means to identify what was considered beautiful by nature and project it specifically on humans to contrast society’s warped expectations of perfection. This was the specific purpose of my thesis collection Second Skin.

Overall, organic contours dominate my aesthetic because they allow for a subtle flow within each piece. Ideas are born spontaneously and then continuously refined until I have a product that satisfies the need for both comfort and beauty without compromising concept.

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Art Jewelry Forum Portfolio

2014  PRATT DESIGN Manhattan Center-Manhattan, N.Y

Pratt Institute B.F.A. Thesis Exhibition Rubelle and Norman Schafer Gallery- Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dog and Pony Up Show Pratt Institute Student Union- Brooklyn, N.Y.

2013 PRATT JEWELRY SHOWCASE Juliana Curran Terian Design Center Gallery- Brooklyn, N.Y.    

Pratt Institute Jewelry Exhibition Juliana Curran Terian Design Center Gallery- Brooklyn, N.Y.

2012  Annual Cuff Show Pratt Institute Main Building-Brooklyn N.Y.     

 Fine Arts Selected Works Pratt Institute Fine Arts Office South Hall- Brooklyn N.Y.